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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use freeze dried rose petals?

Enhance your wedding day or special event with the romance of rose petals. Unlike fresh petals that need to be used straight away, freeze dried rose petals will last for many months and can be purchased and stored until you need to use them.  

How do I store freeze dried rose petals?

You should store your petals in a sealed bag or airtight container, and in a cool dry dark cupboard until they are required. Do not put them in a refrigerator or freezer. (A cool dark cupboard will help maintain the colour as they are a natural product).

Will freeze dried rose petals stain?

Freeze dried rose petals have had the moisture removed and are much less likely to stain clothing or floor coverings than fresh petals.  Many venues will not allow decorating with fresh petals due to staining of carpets and table linen making freeze dried petals a great alternative.

Avoid using petals in the rain as they can present a slipping hazard and may stain carpet runners.

Will freeze dried rose petals harm the environment?

Freeze dried rose petals are completely natural and are biodegradable.  Let Mother Nature handle the clean-up, as they will just blow away and break down naturally 😊.

How much do they cost?

Freeze dried rose petals are sold in sealed bags.  They range in price depending on the size of the bag, and colour may be a factor.  Please view pricing in the rose petals tab.  

What quantity of petals is in a bag?

A standard bag contains 10 cups of petals (1cup/250mls x 10 – 2.5 litres). We also sell smaller sample and guest bags of 1 and 2 cups, plus 5 cups bags (perfect for one flower girls basket).

How many 12 cup bags of petals will I need?

Reception Tables

1 x 12 cup bag of petals is sufficient to decorate four reception tables, one large bridal table or even for use on the cake table (depending on how dense a coverage you prefer).


1 x 12 cup bag of petals will fill 24 x petal cones (our petal cones hold ½ cup of petals each). 5 cup bags of petals are available if you are only purchasing 10 x petal cones.

Wedding Petal Isle

Petal coverage for half a square metre (500mm x 500mm).

To create a carpet of petals or a wedding aisle you will need to consider the coverage of petals you require.

  • Light coverage – 1.5 cups per half square metre.
  • Medium coverage – 3 cups per half square metre
  • Dense coverage – 5 cups per half square metre

Flower Girl Basket

You will only need 4-5 cups of petals to fill a standard flower girl basket or bag.  Larger baskets may require 10-12 cups of petals.  Flower Girl Baskets & Jute Bags including Rose Petals are available for purchase.  Alternatively, 5 & 12 cups bags are available should you already have a basket at home.

When should I order?

We recommend ordering 4 weeks prior to your event to ensure you receive your petals well in advance of your special day.  If you do wish to order months before your event, please advise us of the date as we are happy to store the petals and send 3-4 weeks prior to your event.

Need an urgent order?  No problem, Express Post is on option on our shopping carts.  If the colour you are after is not available at the time of searching, please make contact so we can assist with availability.  

When will my order arrive?

Orders are usually dispatched within 1 business day of being placed.  We are based on the Gold Coast and have found orders are being delivered between 2-7 business Australia wide.  

How do I order, and pay?

Payment via the website can be done by credit card or via your Pay pal account.  If you do need to do a bank transfer, please phone us on 1300 737 670 or email [email protected] to make your order.  We are happy to forward an invoice for payment prior to dispatch.   

How will my order be sent?

Orders are shipped Australia wide with Australia Post and can be express posted if required.  All orders are boxed to avoid damage in transit.

Orders are usually dispatched within 1 business day of being placed.  We are based on the Gold Coast and have found orders are being delivered between 2-7 business Australia wide.  Please refer to Shipping Info & Returns for further information.

If I don’t like the colour can I return them?

If you are not happy with your rose petals or other product, you can return them for an exchange or refund (excluding postage). Petals and other items must be un-opened, undamaged, in original packaging and returned in a suitable box to avoid damage during shipping. Refunds and exchanges must be made within 7 days of receiving your order.