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Petal Idea #1

Use as confetti over the bride and groom.

Petal Idea #2

Decorate tables at the reception by scattering rose petals. You can create beautiful centre pieces for your bridal table and guest tables by incorporating candles, tea lights, or glass vases.

Petal Idea #3

Float candles in a shallow container with a few petals floating in the water, and then frame your table centre with a ring of freeze dried petals.

Petal Idea #4

Use a hurricane lamp with a tall pillar candle, fill with coloured stones, or elevate the candle with an upturned glass and fill in the bottom of the hurricane lamp with petals. Sprinkling the table with freeze dried rose petals will finish the look.

Petal Idea #5

Group 6 tealights in shot glasses, or votive candles in the centre of the table with a dense coverage of rose petals.

Petal Idea #6

Group glass vases in the centre of the table, filled with water and floating candles. Sprinkle rose petals around the vases .

Petal Idea #7

Use tulle or satin fabric to create a dramatic effect on your cake table.  Sprinkle rose petals over the fabric or between the layers of tulle for colour.

Petal Idea #8

Add the petal touch to your gift table and in the bathrooms of your wedding reception.

Petal Idea #9

Have your flower girl decorate the wedding aisle by scattering petals as she makes her way to the bridal altar.

Petal Idea #10

For a garden or beach wedding create a heart shape of petals to stand in.

Petal Idea #11

Spell LOVE with rose petals! Freeze dried rose petals are portable and will not wilt in the heat. They are biodegradable, so let your imagination run wild!

Petal Idea #12

Use petals for packaging thank you gifts for the attendants or parents, by sprinkling them between layers of tissue paper.

Petal Idea #13

Add a romantic surprise for your partner on your wedding night by decorating the honeymoon suite with rose petals and candles.

Petal Idea #14

Create a Day Spa at home with a rose petal bath

Petal Idea #15

Don’t forget freeze dried petals look great and add colour to your wedding photographs!


Freeze dried petals wont wilt, therefore they can be used for decorating hours, even days before the event!